Meredith's Mission for Melanoma is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with a MISSION to raise funds for donations to M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, as well as The University of Texas Dell Medical School in Austin, in support of their research in melanoma medical oncology. It is also our mission to RAISE AWARENESS of this deadly disease, as well as provide guidance on prevention and support others in their fight.

2021 Donations Distributed

With your generous donations in 2021, we contributed $15,000 to MD Anderson’s Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology and $10,000 to the Dell Medical School|UT Health Austin for their melanoma research and treatment programs. This brings total donations given by Meredith's Mission for Melanoma over the past six years to $255,000! Please take a moment to continue Meredith’s Mission by donating today.

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See What Your Donations Are Doing!

MD Anderson:

Your donations have helped MD Anderson make tremendous strides in their melanoma research. Dr. Mike Davies, Professor and Chair of the Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology, tells us that three new treatments have been approved:

  1. An immunotherapy treatment, that proved effective in patients with Stage III and IV melanoma, has been approved for Stage II patients with high-risk tumors to reduce the risk of cancer coming back. This is the first modern therapy to be approved in this setting.
  2. The first immunotherapy treatment for uveal melanoma, a rare and highly aggressive form found in the eye, was approved. It has been shown to markedly improve the survival of patients with this type of cancer.
  3. A combination of two immunotherapy drugs for patients with State IV metastatic melanoma was recently approved based on a trial led by Dr. Hussein Tawbi at MDA.

Even with these new treatments, there is continued need to find new approaches for patients who aren’t cured by currently available therapies. So, your help is still needed and greatly appreciated.

Click here to read more from their annual report about the strides MDA is making.

Dell Medical School:

At Dell Medical School, your donations enabled:

  1. Dr. Ade Adamson to advance skin cancer research, outreach and advocacy. Additionally, he has received a pilot grant and will be working in partnership with MD Anderson to study melanoma specifically in Texas.
  2. The school to hire a research coordinator to help study the quality of life related to patients who receive a diagnosis – while ensuring equitable care for all patients with melanoma. They also received grant support from the American Cancer Society for this position.

Click here to read more about Dr Adamson's melanoma research achievements.

Thank you, Thrivent

We are blessed to have received a $10000 gift from Thrivent Financial to put towards our 2021 donations. Our thanks to Lockie Ealy for recommending Meredith's Mission for Melanoma for this wonderful grant!

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