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2019 - 4th Annual Meredith's Mission Gala!

Our 4th Annual Gala will be held at the Austin Hilton on April 27, 2019. Information will be coming soon about purchasing tickets and this years program. Check back soon for all the details!

2018 Year-end Accomplishments for Meredith's Mission

Meredith's Mission continues to grow. We are blessed with all the accomplishments that we've made this past year. With your help, we will continue to grow our fundraising efforts to support melanoma research and raise awareness of this deadly disease. Our accomplishments are as follows:

  • Gala proceeds - $129,000
  • Tailgate proceeds - $12,700
  • Thrivent Grant - $5, 000
  • Donations:
    • MD Anderson - $20,000

      In support of the costs associated with maintaining equipment used by both Dr. Michael Tetzlaff and Dr. Mike Davies in the Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology.

      1. The autostainer has helped multiple researchers in characterizing immune cells in tumor biopsies of patients receiving treatment for advanced melanoma and in providing insights into the key determinants of resistance to immunotherapy.
      2. The Seahorse Bioanalyzer determines the metabolic characteristics of cells leading to new insights in the role of metabolism in both metastasis and therapeutic resistance in melanoma. New medicines are now being developed that target metabolic pathways and are being used in a number of upcoming clinical trials.

    • Dell Medical School at UT Austin – Livestrong Cancer Institute - $30,000

      Along with last years’ donation, this will fund the confocal microscope requested by Dr. Adewole Adamson, assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. The confocal microscope is a noninvasive, high-resolution, skin imaging tool that has become an important adjunct in the diagnosis and management of melanoma.

  • Publications (Read the articles below):
    • Conquer – The Patient Voice: "Pursuing My Sister’s Dream” – June 2018
    • Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship: “A New Day for Patients with Melanoma: Raising Awareness About Prevention and the Latest Treatment Options” – September 2018
    • Sports Illustrated: “Everything You Need to Know About College Football Tailgating” -August 23, 2018
  • Recognition – We were honored to be invited to attend the Dell Medical School: Building Health Donor Recognition Event

Spreading the word about Meredith’s Mission for Melanoma:

Treasurer, Stephanie Whitten, was interviewed by Dalia Buffery, Senior Editorial Director, of CONQUER: The patient voice:

Read the article...

Note: CONQUER® magazine is the premier forum for patients with cancer initiated by the Academy of Oncology Nurse & Patient Navigators (AONN+). CONQUER features articles written by and for patients with cancer, survivors, nurse navigators, and other oncology team members. This magazine addresses the issues that patients, their family members, and caregivers face every day in an easy-to-read format. Issues include interviews with patients with cancer, information on access to care, and articles on lifestyle topics such as nutrition, stress management, personal finance, and legal and employer issues.

President, Christopher Kluck, was interviewed by Sports Illustrated for their “Everything You Need to Know About College Football Tailgating” article that appeared in the August 23, 2018 issue.


“Christopher Kluck is a founding member of the Longhorn Tailgaters, an open-to-the-public tailgate made up of “Longhorn-loving, orange-blooded, sooner-hatin' Texas fans and their friends and family.” For one game a year, the group also donates all donations and money raised from a silent auction to Meredith’s Mission for Melanoma. He’s also a UT alum and a season ticket holder for more than 15 years—who better to dish on the details of a UT tailgate?”

Read the full article…

3rd Annual UT Tailgate Fundraiser Results

Once again our Tailgate Fundraiser was a great success. Check our Tailgate2018 page for all the details!
Tailgate photos have been posted HERE

2018 Gala Results

We were truly humbled by the success of this year's Gala! Between the Gala proceeds and your personal donations, we have grossed over $125,000 so far in 2018 - almost double from last year at this time!

We want extend our thanks again to Dr. Declan Fleming from the U.T. Dell Medical School, who brought us news regarding the equipment that we are helping fund for melanoma cancer research and to both Katie Rinehart and Brianne Dart for sharing their personal melanoma experiences. Through Brianne and Katie's son, Nicolas, we know that our efforts are making a difference in melanoma patients lives, as well as bringing hope for better and more expansive treatments.

We especially want to thank our extremely generous Gala Sponsors, In-kind Donors of our Silent Auction, and all of the guests who attended the 2018 Gala! Our event would not be possible without your incredible support!

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